About Us

Dear Reader,

On behalf of the Mississippi Reentry Council, The Foundation for the Mid South is pleased to publish this updated Mississippi Reentry Guide. A special thanks to the team at FWD.us, who offered their guidance and support to this important project. This directory is designed to connect formerly incarcerated people and people who have criminal convictions to services in their communities. It includes national and statewide resources as well as numerous community-based services that offer support across the state of Mississippi, with the goal of being as comprehensive as possible. However, some information may be missing. While every effort was made to provide current and accurate information for the organization descriptions and hours of operation, it is recommended to call the organization to verify the information before visiting. The editors cannot and do not endorse any of the services contained in this guide.

Purpose of the directory

This guide is intended to assist formerly incarcerated people and those who support them by providing a list of programs, organizations, and service providers who can provide them with or connect them with resources and support services needed to help them successfully return to their communities.  We hope this directory will reach and serve people throughout Mississippi working to successfully rebuild their lives and be part of their communities.

Who should use this directory?

  • Formerly incarcerated people
  • Family members and friends of formerly incarcerated people
  • State and local agencies serving formerly incarcerated people
  • Human Service providers such as social workers and counselors
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Judges and Attorneys
  • Law enforcement
  • Probation and Parole Officers
  • Local and state officials
  • Researchers
  • Anyone interested in advocating for or learning about re-entry in Mississippi

How is the directory organized?

The directory includes national, state, and local resources. Under each location heading, you can find resources organized by topics such as housing, education, or employment. Some organizations offer services in more than one category and will be listed under each relevant category. Additionally, we have a regional section to help people search for available options in their region of the state, for example, the Golden Triangle.

Mississippi Regions

Please direct any questions about the directory to: MSreentryguide@fndmidsouth.org

As a matter of policy, FMS does not endorse any product, service, or business. This resource guide is provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this guide is believed to be reliable, but not guaranteed as to accuracy. The FMS resource guide is subject to change at any time.